This project aims at creating an almost infinite procedural universe to explore in colorful ascii (character) graphics.

It will also feature a game that focuses mainly on exploration with some MMO (Massively-Multiplayer Online) features. There will also be a Lone Explorer Edition (LEE), which is a more limited, single-player version for those, who just want to travel the stars.


  • Gigantic starmap with billions of stars and colorful nebulae
  • Each solar system is visitable, with accessible planets
  • Dynamically generated alien worlds to explore
  • Multiple "zoom-levels": galaxy, starmap, solar system view, orbital view, planet surface and planet detail level


  • Most generators calculate the correct tile for certain coordinates in real-time, so apart from current view buffer, little is generated to the memory or in advance.
  • Relies heavily on Perlin noise.
  • Doesn't actually use console for display output, so a graphics device is needed.
  • Windows and Linux versions (cross-platform code)
  • Coded in FreeBASIC using IDEs FbEdit and Geany
  • Uses chisock library (by cha0s) for networking